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Tip 1 - The team

Building a team which will handle all aspects of the project, including brainstorming, campaign structure, perks, project updates and more.
The main advantages when having a strong team are – more people with great motivation as well as more social circles which will help distribute the idea. With that said, one man shows have succeeded in the past, and can ofcourse succeed in the future.


Tip 2 - The Goal

The amount you are raising should be reasonable and based on industry standards.
If you think that you are raising money in order to get a 5 digit salary you are wrong. The purpose of raising the money should be in order to funds things that you are not able to do by yourself.
If the amount you are raising will seem fishy or not reasonable - not only will your project fail, but your credibility will be damaged.

Sometimes, breaking one big project into mini projects and raising smaller amounts of money each time, would be a better way to approach the crowd. This way, the project will seem achievable and people will me more optimistic as to the ability to raise the amount.
For example – if you are producing a movie, you can start by raising money for shooting it, and then have an additional project for marketing the movie nationally.

Don’t forget to raise an amount which includes the perks that you are planning to hand out, including shipping costs.

Tip 3 - Who are your audience

Your project is probably more relevant to some people than others.

If you are thinking of inventing the next social app, your target age group will probably be 18-40, if it`s a documentary 25-80 etc.
It is recommended to understand who your main target market is, and to initially focus on them. Aiming for the crowd is important, but don’t forget to start with the low hanging apples.  

Tip 4 - planning the campaign

The campaign isn’t done when it goes live, on the contrary, your journey only begins ones it is. Therefore, it’s highly important to plan all your marketing efforts prior to its live date. The project can be updated as frequently as you can update it. Furthermore, you can always add additional perks while it is running.

Tip 5 - There is no second "first impression"


  • The campaigns “widget” is your projects` front door. The information displayed will include your projects name, short summary, picture and more. This should be highly appealing as it will determine if people choose to see your project or not.
  • The project name is very important. It should describe the essence of your project, be concise and catchy.
  • The description of your project should go in to detail, be interesting and convincing.
  • The projects` picture is what people will initially see, for good and for bad. Use an interesting picture, something you think will catch peoples` eye.

Tip 6 - The trailer


Your trailer is more important than the project itself!!!
The trailer will present your project to the world, and will determine if people invest in your project or not. It`s highly advised to give a personal and genuine prospective.
This is where you explain to the crowd why they should invest in your project.
In terms of music, Lion King, Madagascar or any other Disney movie wouldn’t have been as successful without that amazing sound track.
Try and find music which suits the vibes you want to create.
The trailer should include:
  1. Who you are – show yourselves, so people can see real people behind the project
  2. The story behind the project
  3. What will the crowd get when investing in you?
  4. Explain about the platform – remember the people will see the movie on Youtube, Facebook etc. and not necessarily in the mimoona platform.
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