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What is Mimoona

Mimoona is an internet platform which helps entrepreneurs promote their special dream… the one which they dream even while awake. It could be about making a movie, a CD, a book, an awesome gadget, performing scientific research, setting up a business, competing in a sports event, arranging an artistic event, a social or educational initiative- anything goes, almost any kind of initiative. Mimoona's founders understand entrepreneurs as they a part of that unique group. 


Mimoona makes it easy for dreamers in two main aspects, funding and uncertainty.


As for funding, Mimoona understands that the crowd has a lot of power. Instead of raising large sums of money from a few people, why not raise small amounts of money from a lot of people? Mimoona represents "Crowdfunding". Mimoona enables entrepreneurs around the world to present and promote their projects by using video, audio and text. If people like what they see they could, with a push of a button, and with minimum effort,  invest in your project any amount they want – and do all of this, in Mimoona's platform. For example, if you wish to record a CD, you could commit to give the CD away in return for investing in your project before you even recorded it. Actually, this is some kind of pre-sale which takes place before you even spend a penny on recording the CD.


Regarding uncertainty, because of the fear about audience reaction and commercial failure, entrepreneurs are afraid to invest time and money in their dreams. , Mimoona removes such barriers! Entrepreneurs could, in addition to the funding, get feedback about their project and may even enjoy free social-media-publicity generated by Mimoona's visitors. This way you could, before investing even one penny, know what people think of your project and how to improve it. In addition, Mimoona doesn't charge entrepreneurs a penny before they raise the required amount of money to bring their dream to life. Afterwards, Mimoona would charge only 5 % of the money raised. If you don’t raise the money you do not pay, and the contributors do not have to carry through with their pledge. Nothing to lose and no more excuses.




funding- checked


Risk- none


Bringing your dream to life- checked


Isn't it more frightening not to try?!

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