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Nina Pekerman the Iron Man to the Gold in the World Championship

נינה פקרמן

For those who don't know me...

My name is Nina Pekerman, triathlete and Iron Woman (holding championships in Israel, Europe and world champion).
I was born in Kishinev, Moldova, easing patient. My father, Michael, came from a very religious family and was a director of Transportation and also in the martial arts business. My mother, Raisa, was athletic and traced by profession, but worked at odd jobs to raise me and my older sister, we were both sick. I trained to become stronger in sports since childhood, from age 10 to age 13-14 studied class of swimmers.
On 10 February 1994 I made "Aliah" to Israel with "Naaleh" program (Youth Aliyah before their parents), I studied for two years at an agricultural school in Kfar Silver and then joined the Army where I served as a combat fitness instructor.
From 1998 I started studying at the Wingate Institute Physical activity with special populations. After five years my parents immigrated to Israel. In 2002, I competed in triathlon for the first time, then - Later I focused on road bikes and in 2003 participated in the World Championship and arrived in the 25th place. In 2004 my father was killed in a car accident and I moved to live with my mother. That year I received a contract with a professional Italian team, "Giro de Italia", and I flew to Italy, but after two weeks I learned that my mother got cancer and I decided to return home to Israel.
In 2005 I won the Maccabiah Games triathlon. In 2004-2007I was the Israeli champion in triathlon, in 2008 did not participate and in 2009 I was again Israeli triathlon champion.
From 2009 I started competing in the Ironman, which includes 4 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km run. In 2009 I attended Israman, Israel's Iron Man competition and I got to the 5th place general (men and women) and was ranked 1st among Women. In May 2010 I participated in a half Ironman competition in the Jordan Valley (Kineret) and I set a new Israeli record for women, with a score of 4 hours and 46 minutes.
Ironman European Championship held in Frankfurt on July 4, 2010 I got to the 10th place among women in general and 1st in ages 34-30, with a score of 9 hours, 47 minutes and 25 seconds.
In October 2010 I finished the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii ranks 1st at ages 34-30 with a score of 9 hours, 55 minutes and 19 seconds.
On July 24, 2011 I arrived in the12th place in the European Championship and 1st in professional ages 30-34 in Iron Man which held in Frankfurt Germany.
On 8 October 2011 I arrived at the World Championship of Ironman Hawaii in the 20th place overall (an improvement of six places in the highlights before), with a score of 9 hours, 45 minutes and 35 seconds and 12th among all women.
Today I live in Kfar Saba and I'm a triathlon swimming coach, hydrotherapy and water babies operator

About the the Iron Man...

Iron Man competition is undoubtedly the most difficult competition in triathlons and is composed of three parts made ​​in this order: 3.86 Swimming, 80.25 km bike and a marathon of 42.195 km. The race runs without interruption. Ironman events typically have a maximum time limit of eg 17 hours to complete the race, which starts at 7 am. The maximum swimming time section of 3.86 km swimming pool is 2 hours and 20 minutes, the bike section should be completed by the time 5:30 in the afternoon, and all graduates must complete the marathon until midnight. All competition with its guidelines.
Hawaii Ironman competition (World Championship) is considered as the most respected and prestigious triathlons ever and is organized by the Triathlon Association of the World (WTC).
To reach the World Championship it is necessary to reach the criterion of early international competitions

It's time to step up onto the podium at the World Championship

After several years of rigorous training, Israeli championships, European Championships and World Championships, it's time to make another significant step and get on the podium in the World Championships to be held in the U.S. in October 2012.
To be able to reach the world championship again, I must collect points in at least 5 international competitions. The next contest is in South Africa in April this year.
The minimum amount of money I need to be able to get a coach, better practice and train more, participate in the international competitions and represent the country in the world championship is 150 000 NIS.
I feel and know that this time I can get there, to the top World Championship glory where I could represent in great pride, look at the Israeli flag and listen in tears to Hatikvah anthem and say "we did it!"
Come join me in this challenging journey and with your help we will achieve the goal.

How can you help me?

As you already know, now I work full time so I could survive while practicing twice a day so I could be ready to the competition. You can imagine how difficult it is to prepare for it.
If you are triathletes you probably know how expensive this sport. Any repair, any accessory.
Meetings I held with the Ministry of Sports and the Toto I was told they do not support individual athletes but only associations so that their support cannot be received.
Although I am a very strong woman (Ironwomen :-)) with a very clear goal, I'm still unable to train properly with coach and also pay for all travels to the competitions.
I really need your help to be able to concentrate and prepare myself for the coming World Championship.
If you wish to be my sponsors, I will be happy to speak to you.
You can write me at:
Thank you

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