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מצילים את הילדים, סוגרים את המחסנים

יוניסף ישראל

Children’s ‘warehouses’ have cost the lives of innocent babies and toddlers who are not to blame for their circumstances.

Here, just under our noses, in South Tel Aviv, hundreds of status-less children without hope spend their days in crowded ‘warehouses’, forsaken and neglected, – every day, every hour – under conditions that are hard to understand.
The parents are fighting to survive, barely making a living, and the children wait for them in the ‘warehouse’ – like stored equipment – waiting for the embrace that doesn’t come.

The next tragedy is only waiting to happen.
We, in UNICEF, have joined Unitaf in order to save and help the 8,000 status-less children in Israel.
Unitaf is providing a solution to the problem.

Thousands of children are awaiting the opening of more frameworks. We, at UNICEF and Unitaf, need your help. Your contribution will provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive home for a child, nourishing meals, emotional care, training for parents and even medical insurance.
Together we can give the ‘warehouse’ children some hope.
The Unitaf frameworks are tailored to meet the community’s unique needs, where children can receive care, love and concern – just like we would want our children to receive. Every Unitaf class that opens is one ‘warehouse’ that closes.
Help us establish more day-cares and save the children.

*Support for the project is recognized as a donation and is tax deductible in accordance with Article 46 of the Associations Law. A receipt will be sent out at the end of the project.

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