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Let's build A Place for All

A Land for All is an Israeli-Palestinian movement promoting a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on a vision of partnership rather than separation. Our model - Two States, One Homeland - proposes two independent and sovereign states, Palestine and Israel, which maintain between them a partnership, freedom of movement and residence, and a shared responsibility for the safety of all the people of this homeland.

After holding hundreds of meetings throughout Israel and the West Bank, after meeting with leaders and opinion makers, rabbis, politicians and diplomats, after we introduced the idea of an Israeli-Palestinian partnership into our political imagination and the political lexicon, we are ready for the next step. A Land for All is creating A Place for All. Place for All is a common space where Israelis and Palestinians can meet, discuss and initiate together action that will advance a vision of partnership and independence. Throughout the year we will host in A Place for All meetings to exchange ideas, work on joint activities, meet with politicians, and more.

We believe that a face-to-face meeting and an open dialog can remove the physical and emotional walls, enabling all of us to progress from separation to partnership, and in particular enable us to restore the hope and belief that both peoples want, must and can live together in this shared homeland. The chosen location, on the Green Line, between Tzur Hadassah and Husan, is accessible to all the inhabitants of this land and thus fulfills our vision for the entire homeland.

The first meeting will be held during Passover, on Monday 22.4.19!

For this we need your support. Most of the activities in A Land for All is voluntary, but such activities require funding. Therefore, we are embarking on a campaign to raise NIS 100,000 from you to finance equipment, transportation, advertising, translation, printing and more - of all meetings throughout the year.

Our future lies in partnership. We believe that only a model that recognizes that together with the independence and sovereignty of the two peoples, genuine partnership is also needed, can ensure a sustainable solution that enables a life of dignity, prosperity, success and security in the land between the Jordan River and the sea.

We invite you on Passover to A Place for All and to keep up with the rest of our activities!

Especially now, just before the elections, when the noise around is great and no one talks about the conflict, we want to act and invite you to join. This is going to be a Passover of new beginnings! Donate to us, join us on the social networks, in raising funds, and in setting up A Place for All.

Thanks to you we will continue to act and promote the sane and proper solution for both peoples!

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