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Palhan Nahal

“Palhan Nahal” was founded in august 1992 as an elite reconnaissance and demolitions unit for the “Nahal” regiment. Since its founding, the unit has taken part in a wide range of operations in Yehuda and Shomron, Gaza, Lebanon and more. Many of the unit’s soldiers have fallen in the line of duty, particularly in “the helicopter disaster” (ason ha mesokim) in February 1997. “Palhan Nahal” is an elite voluntary unit that today takes part in operations near all of israel’s borders.
In the summer of 2014, the unit took part in operation “Protective Edge” in Gaza. The unit served as the IDF’s first line in locating Hamas’ tunnels and stopping the launching of rockets into Israeli territory. Today the unit continues to be a quality group, called to serve and insure that the people of Israel may be able to live their lives in peace and quiet.
The unit’s main training base is “Beit-Leed” in central Israel, where the soldiers run training drills and prepare for operations. Unfortunately, the unit does not currently have a quality gym that can be used by the unit’s warriors and recruits in their training. The soldiers need this gym to improve their physical abilities, maintain their professionalism and also for recreation.


This is the existing gym, and with your help we wish to improve and accessorize it for the soldiers who work so hard to keep us safe. This is our opportunity to support them and show them how much we care and appreciate their hard work.
All donations will be forwarded to the unit and will be used solely for this purpose. This project is led by "The Green Turret” (“ Ha Zariach Ha Yarok”) foundation, which was founded in 2011 by the unit’s veterans in order to create a supportive structure for the unit’s soldiers and veterans and to preserve the unit’s traditions.
With donations, contributions and voluntary activities the foundation supports the unit’s soldiers and reserves, creates programs for the soldiers and commanders, and also leads activities for special needs adults and children and for those who are intended for security service.
Why are we telling you this?
Unfortunately, our annual membership fee is not enough to cover the expenses of this project.
Since the unit stands guard for all of Israel we see fit to turn to a wide audience to help us giving back to those who work to save lives in the most complicated and dangerous of situations.

We invite you to support our project, and take part in our goal to fund a new quality gym for “Palhan Nahal”.

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