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A story that needs to be heard

"this anger has been with me for a long time. It’s the anger of keeping my story locked inside…how can they understand me if they weren’t with me There? If they didn’t feel the sand in their mouths as I felt?"

This story, like many other stories sharing experiences of combat and the feelings of coming back from the battle field, now finally have an open ear and a supportive space with Resisism.

For some of us this pain, these stories and wounds, only bleed for one night a year - on remembrance day, some of us feel a pinch of pain with every news broadcast of combat, and for some this pain is experienced every single night and day.

Women and men, with different experiences and different haunting memories from their military service, didn’t find a place to share their story, a supportive and open ear, until their journey led them to us.

Combat soldiers, non-combat soldiers, parents, partners… all of them received acceptance, sympathy and a community through the diverse activities Ressisim has been organizing for the past 6 years.

Each and every human that has experienced combat in any way has a story, there isn’t a hierarchy of pain. A story we hold deep inside us, letting no one know of it, or touch it. Some of us are embarrassed of it, some just don’t dare to tell, but we all have a story that needs to be told. A story that needs to be heard.

Who we are?

Resisim project was founded 6 years ago with the vision of leading and expanding the Israeli public discourse addressing the military experiences, combat, trauma and bereavement.

Resisim gives a voice to the ‘combat silence’ and creates a safe and accepting space, legitimizing any story shared.

We believe that by listening and exposing these painful stories and memories, those who carry them constantly will be relieved, and with that relief and openness Israeli society will become stronger.

What we do?

For the 6th year in a row, Resisim project is organizing remembrance day ceremonies for the fallen and the living. An evening giving men and women who bare the pain and memories of Israel’s wars, an opportunity to share them on stage. They share their personal experience of the combat, and how it still affects their life. Once the ‘official’ part of the ceremony ends, the space is opened for discussion. Any attendee can share their experience, creating a real supportive and nurturing feeling, one that accepts anyone and everyone.

Our events are attended by hundreds every year, and are broadcasted live through our Facebook page.

Our active website and Facebook page support a strong digital community, that has shared dozens of stories since 2011.

Ressism is a unique social platform supporting content, storytelling evenings, artworks and workshops, all relating and opening the conversation about combat experiences. All these give live color to what we call the ‘clear experience’.

We believe there are many ways to process and share our personal and social story, and try and support them all.

We need you.

Resisim project has been active on a purely voluntary basis for the past 6 years, but today, in order to continue our work and to enhance it, we need your help.

So that we can continue organizing the memorial day events in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, and to expand to additional cities. So that we can promote and support our digital community and reach more people who need to share their story. So that we can initiate more content and workshops during the year. So that we can keep what we have built and expand our activities. For all these reasons and many more we need a budget for hiring team members and reaching additional resources. Without your support the project simply can’t go on.

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This is a flexible funding project. The project owner will receive all the funds raised until the deadline.
Minimum ₪60 ($17.14) מכתב תודה מכתב תודה מטעם מתנדבי ומתנדבות פרוייקט רסיסים. Minimum ₪70 ($20.00) THANK YOU! Your support will help us continue our regular activity Minimum ₪80 ($22.86) אימון ריצה ייחודי אימון ריצה קבוצתי עם רביד כהן - ממאמני קבוצת הריצה "רצים עם רמי". 15 משתתפים באימון, ייערכו שני אימונים באזור ירושלים. 23 available out of 30 Minimum ₪90 ($25.71) הופעה של פול טראנק! ב18.7, להקת הרוק הישראלית, פול טראנק מגיעים להופעה בבארבי ת"א. 5 available out of 6 Minimum ₪100 ($28.57) THANK YOU! Your support will help us keep organizing the memorial day ceremonies Minimum ₪110 ($31.43) ערב שירה ותרבות בריה"מית עם אלקס ריף משוררת, זמרת ומקימת ״הבריגדה התרבותית״. זוכת פרס שרת התרבות למשוררים בתחילת דרכם לשנת תשע״ח. 18 available out of 25 Minimum ₪120 ($34.29) בתיאבון! ארוחת בוקר מפנקת בבית קפה "התחתית" בתל אביב. 5 available out of 24 Minimum ₪130 ($37.14) ההצגה: בעקבות אחת - טריפ לילי בלתי נשכח בין סיפורי ירושלים חוויה פרפורמטיבית חד פעמית. שמונה קלאסיקות ספרותיות מתעוררות לחיים ללילה אחד, ומזמינות אתכם להלך בין הדמויות, המילים, הסצנות, הריחות והטעמים של ירושלים. יוצרת ומנהלת אמנותית: מאיה בואנוס. 24 available out of 30 Minimum ₪140 ($40.00) כל מה שרציתם לדעת על הפנסיה שלכם וחסכון לעתיד טיפים והרצאה של תומר ורון- בעבר ראש הדסק הכלכלי בגלי צה"ל וכתב ב"כלכליסט", ובהווה יועץ פיננסים ומשכנתאות ובוגר תואר שני בבנקאות ומימון. 46 available out of 50 Minimum ₪150 ($42.86) THANK YOU! Your support will help us grow our digital activities Minimum ₪250 ($71.43) THANK YOU! Your support will help us organize events to color-in all the clear experiences Minimum ₪400 ($114.29) THANK YOU! Your support will help us organize intimate workshops around Israel to express and work through trauma and memories of combat Minimum ₪600 ($171.43) THANK YOU! Your support will help us organize an event dedicated to the women who experienced combat in different ways. Minimum ₪800 ($228.57) THANK YOU! Your support will help us launch a campaign to increase awareness to the effects of combat on Israeli society. Minimum ₪1,000 ($285.71) THANK YOU! Your support will help us initiate additional spoken word workshops Minimum ₪1,600 ($457.14) THANK YOU! Your support will help us organize a creative writing workshop Minimum ₪2,500 ($714.29) THANK YOU! Your support will help us organize memorial day ceremonies in additional cities Minimum ₪5,000 ($1,428.57) THANK YOU! Your support will help us open an additional community and branch of Resisim in a new city
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