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Kitchen for youth at risk

Israel has more than 330,000 youth at risk. Some of them live outside the home from an early age. After the age of 18, the support of the welfare institutions almost disappears and leaves many of the youth without adequate tools for dealing with the adult world. In such a situation, it is only a matter of time before many boys and girls find themselves in a situation of need and even dealing with crime and prostitution.

The kitchen for at-risk youth that will help us establish a group framework for these youth, based on professional work alongside social and family support.

Chef Moshik - Leading the kitchen for youth at risk

Chef Moshik, 30, from Jerusalem, was born into the restaurant world at Mahaneh Yehuda Market. As a child, he worked in his father's restaurants and vegetable stalls in the market and absorbed the local cooking culture.
In his youth, he led and volunteered in the youth movements, boarding schools for boys and girls at risk, and continued his educational career in command of fighters as a company commander in the Nahal Brigade.
About a year ago he studied chef and began to create the vision of a kitchen that would provide a solution to the huge gap in support of boys and girls at risk after the age of 18.

In the past year, the home kitchen from which Tzabar has cooked has attracted many customers from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv - high-tech companies, organizations, regional communities and private individuals.

To increase the kitchen thus allowing the employment of between 10 and 30 boys and girls at risk. We need your help.

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