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On the eve of the Sukkot holiday, nine days after my father passed away, I was on my way to the synagogue with my two sons (the sweet baby was born two and a half months ago) and suddenly my wife Odette (who informed us all when you come back wake me up to arrange the salads in the sukkah!) And our three daughters join It turns out that one of the girls begged my wife to come with them and as she describes under private supervision I changed from a gown to holiday clothes and went out with them without realizing what a miracle I was going to experience !!
A few moments before the prayer ends, my wife enters the synagogue, followed by two young men who announce
Jonathan your house is on fire !!
In shock and panic, we walked to our house. Good people leave their homes and accompany us with words of encouragement and an invitation to celebrate the holiday with them.
When we stood in front of the house with five crying and frightened children, all we had to do was to see the many fire extinguishing crews trying to extinguish the huge fire that was enough to light the neighbors' house. We realized that at one moment we were left destitute!
We found ourselves living with my mother, who had just risen from seven on my father's sudden death.
It took six months to find an apartment to rent. Not everyone agreed that a family with five children would live in his house.
Not an easy time on crates where we expected to find an apartment every day. My beloved mother and my dear wife do not find it easy to cope.
Even our five charming children who do not find themselves after a difficult experience. People want to donate furniture and new electrical appliances but we do not have where to store them.
When we finally found an apartment we were able to organize furniture and electrical appliances from good people who gave us content with what Hashem sent.
We thought that we would begin to rehabilitate, but slowly insurance claims began to come from the neighbors and the owners of the apartment. The house was not insured because the fire started from the sukkah.
Four different claims. For two years we have been under pressure and concern.
The total number of claims reached 1,500,000. The courts referred us to mediation and reached a compromise of NIS 300,000 to be divided among the four plaintiffs.
I am independent of my signage business and I set up right near the time of the fire.
My wife, after the fire, left her own business and worked until two and a half months ago when she gave birth to our little son.
We have not yet recovered from the fire and we have no where to get such a huge sum.
Please help us so that we can continue to rebuild our lives in peace.
Thank you
Jonathan and Odette duchan

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