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Jerusalem on the top of our joys and efforts.

The upcoming elections are crucial for our city. The composition of Jerusalem's city council is as important as the identity of our next mayor. Regardless of who wins the elections, a balanced council that represents the various communities in Jerusalem is the key to a sane, fair and proper management of the city. It is the key to maintaining the pluralistic atmosphere of Jerusalem.

The city council is responsible for many aspects of our well-being: maintaining the independence of the community councils; allocating budgets to cultural institutions; the division of funds and buildings; events for young families on Shabbat; support for Jewish renewal organizations; community projects such as the pub Hamiflezet; regulating the First Station compound; night life in Shuk Machne Yehuda; and much more. This is why it is crucial that the city council represent the city’s population in its variety.

In order for it to do so, it is important to raise the turnout of the pluralistic sector.

In the 2013 elections about half of the voters from the Zionist neighborhoods – religious, secular, and masorti – waived their right and duty to vote and influence their city's future. We cannot afford it this time!

Many different civil movements' and activists' initiatives – most of them voluntary – are already in action, facing the challenge of mobilizing the pluralistic crowd to vote. These initiatives express a responsibility for Jerusalem's civil society. They try to tackle the challenge in many different ways by addressing many sectors.

The Yeru-shalem Coalition and Forum Rashut Ha'rabim have joined together in order to support these efforts.

Dear friends, Jerusalem is calling, and we are worried for its pluralistic character.

We have already raised substantial funds from different sources, but we also need the Jerusalem public. The money gathered will be investedin different initiatives such as: a mobile app to mobilize voters, billboard posters, activities in the neighborhoods, events on election day and much more. These will create a better turnout of the general public.

This campaign has no rewards or gifts. The only reward is keeping Jerusalem open, complex, and colorful.
Support us so we can get to as many people as possible.
Support us in order to maintain the diversity of Jerusalem's different communities.
Support us in order to make the coming five years better.

Who are we?

Rashut Ha'rabim: a network of Jewish renewal organizations (secular, conservative and pluralistic) that deal in different ways with the challenge of the cultural and social rift in the Israeli public. The forum consists of more than 30 organizations that share a Jewish, Zionist and pluralistic view. Rashut ha'rabim promotes different municipal activities and raises funds and municipal support in order to maximize the organizations' influence – whether in education, culture, advocation or activism.

Yeru-shalem: a network of civil community leaders from all of the pluralistic neighborhoods, working together in order to maintain the neighborhoods' and Jerusalem's pluralistic character.

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