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Because of Reality

In the daily reality, we live in, our youth experiences a routine of conflict, violence and wars. The opportunity to meet, communicate and express an opinion or a feeling takes place over social media, which are prone to incitement and hate. The youth opinions are shaped by polarized media coverage.
This is how separation begins, full of hate and increasing distance.
As alienation grows, chances for direct, unmediated contact, and getting to know each other decrease. A Shared society that is based on tolerance and respect has become a far-fetched dream.

"I believe that it’s the time to make a change, enough pain. My task now is to create a bridge from my suffering that will lead me to the land of peace, safety, and trust… " - Nabila Jubran, 15 years old from El Azria , Dialogue Leader

“KCP introduced me with the wonderful people here, it helped me to understand their side, their point of view, and their pain. No doubt this program has changed me for the better.” - Israel Maimon, 15 years old from El Azria , Dialogue Leader

Nice to meet

Kids Creating Peace - Building Bridges, Because of Reality.
We are a non-profit organization that develops and implements “Dialogue” an educational program aiming to strengthen the individual value towards personal and social leadership in a challenging environment.
We conduct sessions based on a unique approach, where we facilitate dialogue between different youth. By getting them to know each other and themselves, the youth overcome stereotypes and lingual, cultural, national and religious obstacles.
Active since 2006, hundreds of youth from both sides of the wall, East and West Jerusalem and throughout Israel have participated in our unique “Dialogue” program, shared experiences, exciting summer camps and beyond.
By advancing partnerships with stakeholders in wide fields and interest areas, we manage to impact change on family, friends and broader communities.
We are The Change.

“I have a dream: that all children in the world will gain the wisdom to make the right decisions, so as to enjoy a life of certainty, happiness, altruism and most importantly the ability to control their destiny” - Mrs. Karen Berg, founder of Kids Creating Peace

Where is the money invested?

Behind the scenes of the "Dialogue" program there is an extensive programmatic and logistical arrangement that includes: permits and transportation, staff training, developing and updating curriculum and session plans, equipment, expansion and adaptation of the dialogue model to new and diverse populations, establishing the Alumni Network.
To continue building, acting, bridging and acting for change, we need 600,000 ILS.

About the program
The program includes ten biweekly joint sessions and one summer camp.
The youth acquire tools to face life challenges, find shared interests, develop independent thinking as leaders, create joint ventures for their communities, and lead social change.
The program components:
1. Uni-national preparatory sessions for the youth that breakdown stereotypes and lower their guards in preparation for meeting the “other” in preparation for the Bi-national sessions. The sessions include: Development, leadership, confidence-building and conflict resolution.
2. Voluntary civic actions lead by the youth, based on their acquired skills and training, engaging their peers in interactive and creative campaigns over new media and in the community.
3. A joint Summer Camp – Five intensive days that leverage the yearly process and journey of the youth, strengthening social bonds and honing the skills and experiences they gained throughout the program.
4. A festive final event – Attended by the KCP family, our youth, parents, family members, friends, teachers and stakeholders in which the youth showcase their initiatives and projects.

How we measure impact?

KCP constantly evaluates and assesses its impact and influence, conducting surveys pre-and post-activities, observations of different activities, and in-depth personal interviews with the youth and families. Over the past few years, KCP conducts external evaluation supervised by Dr. Maya Kahanov that has provided clear indication that our dialogue model works and truly impacts the lives and opinions of the youth and their wider circles. Our staff remains in contact with the youth and their families beyond activity hours and the program.

Welcome to the KCP family

As in every family, we at Kids Creating Peace experience ups and downs, good and difficult times. During the years, we have faced many challenges, and we view each challenge as an opportunity.
We are surrounded by inspiring and optimistic youth and we are here for them!
For that sparkle in their eyes, when their fears dissipate, their enlightened understanding the minute the screens are lowered, the supportive communication that overcomes lingual differences, we continue to act.
“Every child needs an adult to believe in him” said Rabbi Karlibach.
We believe that in every youth there is the next responsible adult that can lead the change, and that is why we are here for them, to head towards a better future together, we equip them with the right tools, to direct their ways, and constantly believe in them

Thank you

Issam, Michael, Hala, Bar, Shir, Adi, Bader, Haled, Rachel, Vered, Racheli, Keren and Smadar.
Roy Peled, Daniel Dafni, Shai.

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Minimum ₪25 ($7.14) "Success consists of one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." support the purchase of equipment for activities Minimum ₪55 ($15.71) "The journey itself measures the strength of the friendship, much more than the distance that we are going through" support for transportation to joint meetings Minimum ₪120 ($34.29) "Instead of guessing the future, you can just plan it." Support for KCP’s Alumni Network ‘Leave A Mark’ (L.A.M) Minimum ₪250 ($71.43) "Most people who succeeded in facing conditions that seemed impossible are those who simply do not know how to give up." Facilitator Training Support Minimum ₪420 ($120.00) "You are never given a wish without the power to realize it, but you may have to work for it" Support an overnight seminar for KCP alumni Minimum ₪620 ($177.14) "There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them." Support the expansion of activities to all parts of Israel next year Minimum ₪1,250 ($357.14) "There was never a big thing that did not start with exaggerated hope” Sponsor one youth participant for ten sessions Minimum ₪4,725 ($1,350.00) "People who do not have a fantasy, don’t do fantastic things" Sponsor one youth participant to participate in a five-day Summer-camp Minimum ₪7,000 ($2,000.00) "Do not ever tell me that the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon" Sponsor a youth participant for the entire program, including ten sessions throughout the year AND a summer camp
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