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  • A thank you letter - Beit Kobi thank you for your support.
  • קפה ומאפה במאפיית הכהנים בגבעתיים
  • A personal certificate of appreciation will be sent to you upon the completion of the campaign.
  • Tickets for a play at the Giva'atyim Theatre. To be selected from a variety of plays. Will be available in June 2019.
  • כרטיס זוגי למופע סטנדאפ לבחירה ממגוון אמנים
  • ערכת טיפוח לנשים כולל מכשיר פן 2400 ואט מבית מון פלטין
  • A coaching sessions with Aviva Eichelbom, Kobi's mother and founder of Beit Kobi. Aviva is a professional coacher who is an expert on dealing with crisis. Will be available in June 2019.
  • Participating in the Barret Track or in the Swearing-In Ceremony. You choose: accompanying the soldiers at one of these emotional ceremonies. The Swearing-In Ceremony includes a meeting with the soldiers and a meal; the Barret Track includes joining the soldiers over the final two kilometers, attending the Barret Ceremony, meeting with the soldiers and a breakfast with the soldiers.
  • Two tickets to Boaz Sharabi concert
  • Two tickets to Gali Atari concert
  • Two tickets for singer Ehud Banai's concert.
  • Thank you for joining Beit Kobi's circle of friends and for enabling it to serve lone soldiers.
  • We would be happy to mention your name among our regular supporters who help us realize Kobi's will.
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